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Head Quarters: B-20/C, Joshi Colony, I.P. Extn.,
Patpar Ganj, Delhi.
Regd:Office No.13, Veerampattanam Road, Kakayanthopu P.O, Pondichery.
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Human Rights Protection Mission is an organization registered under the Charitable Societies Act vide Registration Number
A-337/2010 and is involved actively in working and fighting for the Welfare and Developement of the Citizens of India.

Our aim is to make the communities of the present scenario, aware about their rights and duties and enjoy the same. We do work with the people for their welfare. Our slogan is, " For the People, With the People, By the People".

Follwing are the different cells with it’s respective function for the welfare of the citizens, they are :

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The situation of human rights in India is a complex one, as a result of the country's large size and tremendous diversity, its status as a developing country and a sovereign, secular, democratic republic, and its history as a former colonial territory. The Constitution of India provides for Fundamental rights, which include freedom of religion. Clauses also provide for Freedom of Speech, as well as separation of executive and judiciary and freedom of movement within the country and abroad.

It is often held, particularly by Indian human rights groups and activists, that members of the Dalit or Untouchable caste have suffered and continue to suffer substantial discrimination. Although human rights problems do exist in India, the country is generally not regarded as a human rights concern, unlike other countries in South Asia[1]. Based on these considerations, the report Freedom in the World 2006 by Freedom House gave India a political rights rating of 2, & a civil liberties rating of 3, earning it the designation of free[2].

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